Asia map The biggest continent is home of the most stunning islands in the world, from its rich cultures and lush sceneries – Asia is undeniably the right spot to experience its magnificent natural beauty.

Package tours include:

  • Customized schedule of travel
  • Personal tour guide
  • Picnic
  • Wonderful overall experience

europe map The world’s second smallest continent is surrounded by bodies of water: the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the South, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Black Sea to the southeast.

No wonder, Europe is ideal for experiencing its wonderful and splendid islands.

USA/Canada map Comprising of many islands, vacation hot spots and beautiful sceneries – Delightful island escapades entice you that will create lasting memories.
africa map The perfect getaway to those who want to experience the tropics, secluded honeymoon havens and stunning white-powdered beaches – It’s a spectacular and blissful sanctuary for you to enjoy.

Package tours include:

  • Tour around the capital city
  • Meals
  • Hotel accommodations

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